Products and Services

We offer a range of bespoke services and products via an extended network of designers and makers. 

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Survey & Assess

Depending on the size, history and topography of the site we will take field measurements, source aerial photographs, current and historical maps, soil type and pH, and local geological information.

We can also arrange for an ecological base study to be conducted.

Gathering a range of information, maps and images specific to the site can be used to inform decision-making and plan-making.

Design & Draft

A range of mediums can be employed depending on the complexity and detail required for the design.

These can range from simple sketches, to scale drawings, elevations, basemaps and masterplans to artists impressions, 3d renderings and fly-through CG videos.

certain circumstances we may re-draft sketch-drawings or ideas, we can re-draft, at our clients request, ideas which they may have mapped out. We can also make sketch-designs as they are discussed.

Scale drawing and drafting assists with quantity surveying, proportion and costing.

Build & Implement

Once a design has been finalised we can then implement it. This way our client can feel assured that we can fulfil the project from concept to realisation and they will be dealing with the same team throughout the entire project.

 some cases we can also provide the raw materials through a network of suppliers. This can be useful - particularly for creating bespoke designs where the materials are generally not available via national retailers.

Most often we build the designs we have developed with our client. In certain cases, such as working within a greater project, for instance a public installation, we have provided purely construction services.

Maintain & Enhance

All works carried out by Circles Design & Build are guaranteed to be of high quality and good value.
Circles Design & Build carry out all routine maintenance on all its installations and commissions.

Any plant losses or issues arising from workmanship or materials are replaced or resolved without exception and with reasonable discretion.
On the one occasion where an issue has occurred this was resolved within 24 hours of notification, and was resolved with full customer satisfaction.  

Research & Reports

If there is a specific field of interest which a client would like to incorporate into their project, such as mushroom production or natural swimming ponds,  we can gather and present useful information and present it via a fully-referenced and illustrated report.

 may be that a client is in the process of writing a business plan, which includes food production for example, we can write a business case with facts, figures and case studies to support the proposal.

There may be a new practice or technique which a client is interested in, or a client may have an idea or concept they wish to develop, we can support the reasearch and design of this concept. For example it may be a new type of bio-packaging material or contemporary building technique.

Research and reports are useful particularly for larger-scale projects and projects of a commercial nature.

Consultation & Networking

For some projects it may be that an alternative point of view is required, or specific expertise is required.

Our network includes specialists with  arts and crafts skills (e.g. blacksmithery and canvas stitching); ecological surveyancy and restoration; specific heavy plant and machinery operation, forestry and tree surgery, clean energy and renewables, and advanced design-based skills for engineering and architecture.

We can recommend trusted, proven and qualified people with whom we have worked on previous projects.

What our customers are saying

A joy to work with. Sensitive, creative approach to the land. I look forward to our next project!

Lindi McAlpine MSc

MBCT/MBSR and .b Foundation Mindfulness Meditation Teacher at