Growing a Garden City of Today v2.0 

This series of stills shows idealised implementation phases for the construction of a Smart Garden City.

This design was initially conceived for the 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize organised by Policy Exchange March 2014.

It was subsequently adapted according to the Locally-led Garden Cities Prospectus published by the UK Coalition Government in April 2014.

Adapted versions for the Smart Garden City have been submitted to three design challenges: UNHCR-IKEA Foundation - WhatDesignCanDo #Refugeechallenge, 2016 #WDCD2016;

EUSIC, 2016; and Utrecht University's Urban Futures Studio

PostFossil City Contest, 2017.

For more information on this concept there is a Twitter account, a blog and a forum page. More images may be found by clicking here.

Help rebuild Sunrise Farm in Nepal

 This video (Prepared by kar98ghost) shows the aftermath of the Nepali earthquakes in 2015. This video was included in a crowdfunding campaign to raise £20,000 to rebuild Sunrise Farm, an urban farm and agroecology training centre in Kathmandu.

Circles Design & Build assisted with the setting-up and account administration for the crowdfunding campaign on behalf of Chris Evans, who co-founded the Farm and founded the Himalayan Permaculture Centre (NGO).

By October 2018 the £20,000 target was achieved !!

~Thanks to donations, the farm was completely repaired with an improved kitchen and in addition, the building now has solar panels ~

More information can be found on the GoFundMe donations page by following the link:

ERC Concept Video

A glamping site concept video, created using Google Sketchup. The virtual site is geo-located using Google Earth Pro and the terrain is modelled according to the geographical contour information.

This virtual run-through video was prepared for John D Liu's Foundation Ecosystem Restoration Camps to assist the camp designers formulate initial camp design concepts.

The Greenpeace field at Glastonbury Festival 2013

Circles Design & Build were invited to assist with the build project for the Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury Festival in 2013.

Through collaboration a 280 metre modular and reusable raised wooden boardwalk, steps and jetties were installed, constructed with a Larch
(Larix decidua) walkway for flexibility and durability, providing all-weather access and informal seating for up to 700 visitors to Greenpeace UK's Save the Arctic Campaign Exhibition.
More photos of this project can be found by clicking here.